Many factors may play a role in this question. Firstly, let’s focus on the psychological component of this. Testosterone is present in both men and women. The higher this testosterone level is, the more likely the person is to feel aggressiveness and dominance in sports. Winning triggers the testosterone level, allowing the victor to feel a “thrill.” Furthermore, specific areas of the brain and also certain chemicals are responsible for the positive emotions that are present. These emotions include reward, such as winning.  

Sociology can also be a key role in the need to win. In a society, many athletes are taught that it is important to compete, and seek winning. Parents, coaches, and even friends portray this message to other individuals. The learning theory may be taken place in this question. This theory is that we are born with little instinct, but much capacity to learn. Over the years, athletes train their muscles to react, and become instinctive to a situation. The athlete is taught how to play, train, and what it takes to win. Additionally, society outside of sports is still highly competitive. Since the moment one is born, some are in competitions against others; whether it is a brother/sister, classmate, friend, etc. People enjoy competing.

– Posted by Justin Cloutier

Soccer Team Raising Trophy Why do we feel the need to win? Why do we feel the need to win? win

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