What’s your New Years Resolution? If Hiring a Personal Trainer is one of them, JTFitness may be able to help. JTFitness is a home personal training studio located in Cornwall Ontario owned by Julius Toltesi.

Personal Trainer in Cornwall OntarioPersonal Training can be costly when compared to fitness memberships, but not when compared to health care treatment. Most of the time I see many purchase yearly memberships only to drop out 3 months later. Hiring a personal trainer holds you accountable, keeps you motivate, and takes all the guess work out of what to do.

All of us want or need somewhat assistance with training generally, whether or not we’re simply beginning out or we have been at it for a very long time. Nonetheless, there are individuals who draw back from private coaching, uncertain of what they’re going to get out of the expertise or whether or not it is definitely worth the cash. There are many reasons individuals work with trainers.  Some need an individualized program to allow them to drop a few pounds or get in a routine merely to keep them on track or so they can be held accountable for his or her exercises.  A private coach could also be simply what you need to take it to the next stage of your fitness journey.

Personal Training is exactly what it stats, its personal! you and your personal trainer (coach) must be on the same page with what you want, not with what the trainer wants. Make sure you are open with your trainer. Not everyone meshes well with each other, we deal with that every day, its no different when hiring a coach or trainer. If you ever feel its not a good fit let them know and they can refer you to someone they think may be a better fit to help you reach your goals. Remember its about you and your goals.

A few key things to keep in mind and sorry if i’m bold.New year Resolutions Note

  1. Nutrition is 60%

  2. Exercise is 30%

  3. Supplements is 10%

Your personal trainer knows if you’re not following the guidance or meal plans they made for you- you are only fooling yourself. If you’re not good at the exercise the trainer has prescribed you, don’t ask to change it. Doing the easier version won’t get you the results you expect. What your friend did most likely won’t work for you. If it took you 30-40 years to get where you are today, it won’t take you 2 weeks to look the way you did when you were 17. Stay off the scale, scales are for fish. Never say you’re on a diet, diets don’t work. These are just a few things to think of when starting a healthier lifestyle.

Below is a list of Cornwall’s best personal trainer (s) and gyms in no particular order of course. Sorry if I missed anyone but these are the ones that I know personally or heard about from clients.

Gyms/Personal Trainer (s)

  • JTFitness ( this one is in particular order. lol just kidding)time for a change

  • Quest PST (Tom Irvin) Great feedback from many clients and friends. I’ve personally sent clients due to the lack of knowledge I have on specific goals customers have had.

  • Caveman Strong (Tyler Touchette) Great Coach, great place, Just opened another location in Ottawa.

  • Summit (Jason Denis) My old gym. Sad I left but I get a free membership at the place I manage.

  • NAV Fit Ontario’s largest recreation place. Has a 24 meter lap pool, smaller size fitness and cardio room, large gymnasium with every sport supplied, 2 tennis courts, football/soccer field, baseball diamond, beach volleyball court and bike rentals.

  • Physical Limits (Jason & Jen Christoff) Great people, beautiful gym, very knowledgeable. Holds many free seminars a year on fitness related info.

  • Jungle Fit (Timothy Bell) worked with him personally

  • Tom Irvin (Resume longer than our bike path and probably forgotten more than I’ve learned)

  • Kirk Tyo (Great personal trainer, lots of satisfied customers)

  • Tyler Touchette (Great programs for everyone. As soon as I have spare time and cash, I’m going to take the flexibility classes)

  • Julius Toltesi

  • Becky Ouderkirk

  • Ania Kowalski

  • Tanya Deeks

  • Michelle Gauthier

  • Leah Kyte (Great social media feedback and a few of my friends are in her running club and bootcamps)

  • Jenn Fit

  • Josee Filion

  • Danielle Andrew

  • Shanna Dawley (one of my trainers I had and helped me get certified)

  • Steve Tyrell  (one of my trainers I had and helped me get certified)

  • Lance Kelly

  • Berry Denis

  • Phil Alexander

Now with all these great personal trainer (s) and gyms in Cornwall, theres got to be someone to help you reach whatever goal you may have this New Years.

Eat Right Move More Breathe Easy Concept

Speaking of New Years and goals, JTFitness is looking for someone to help reach there goals. I will be keeping a space open for one person to help. If you fit these criterias you may be selected to receive free personal training for a few months.

  1. Must be able to train a minimum 3 times a week.

  2. Motivated, ready to make a life change

  3. Be available in the evenings

  4. Have 50lbs or more to lose

  5. Is willing to eat exactly what I say

  6. Must help someone else after their program is done.

Other terms and conditions apply but will be discussed during an interview/consultation. If you think you are ready for this challenge contact me and tell me why. Be sure to put “New Years Resolution Help” in the subject line.

If you made it this far, it must mean you like what you’ve read. Please share and be sure to comment about your experience about health and fitness in Cornwall Ontario.