Online Training

  • Are you self-driven?
  • Do you already have a gym membership?
  • Do you spend hours in the gym doing the same workout?
  • Have you not reached your goals?
  • Do you need/want custom workout programs made for you?

If you answered yes to at least one, then online personal training might workout for you.

At JTFitness, each user gets several custom video workouts that they can do on their own time, including goal setting tracking and more…

New workouts delivered right to your inbox. Take the guesswork out of your routines and have them custom made for YOU.

You can also reach me day or night via “online chat at JTFitness”

If you’re interested in online training, please feel free to contact me or for more info click below.

Live Fitness Classes. Workout from your own home with a live trainer.