Are You Certified? This is a question I have never been asked (no joke). I recently read a post on Facebook about questions that should be asked when joining a gym or seeking a fitness professional, and I couldn’t agree more. The post was written by Tyler Touchette, a local gym owner at Caveman Strong.

The post talked about questions like “how much do you charge?” or “can I try it out first?” Don’t get me wrong, these are all good questions but can you really put a price tag on health and potentially your safety? 

The questions that you should be asking are: Are you certified? What are your qualifications? What will this do for me? Will I be held accountable? What style of training do you do? and ask yourself if it’s what you’re looking for. Another bonus question that would be great to ask is if they have taken any nutritional courses.

There are many different certifications you can get for personal training. Two of the most popular are ACE and CanFitPro. With ACE you don’t even have to prove you can train anyone ( at the time of writing this). All you need is a computer to study and write the exam. CanFitPro, on the other hand, is a bit harder to get. You have in class and practical hands-on training. Meaning you actually have to be monitored by training a client by a master trainer.

Another point to make on CanFitPro is that to keep your certificate, you have to earn CEC’s (continuing education credits) each year. Some say its a money grab but It’s to ensure that the trainer is always on top of new methods, science and up to date. 

Bottom line is, whatever certification the personal trainer has, they should be continually learning more about how to train safely and effectively and to make programs individualized by using a variety of teaching techniques. The certified personal trainer should be open to learning new information and be able to give the client sound advice of general non-medical information and should be constantly educating him/herself on how to motivate and hold the client accountable.

So the next time you enter the gym, what questions will you ask?

Trainers, what questions have you been asked?

Gym goers, what questions have you asked your trainer/gyms?